From my first year in Crossfit to now I look forward to the Crossfit Open. Not because I think I can go the games but for a chance to compete every week with my community. The chance to compete during Friday Night Lights with friends and a beer afterwards. To see if I have improved in a year. A few things always hit me the week of the open.


Fear: What will be the wods. Can I do any of them RX?


Worry:. With every Open there comes the element of surprise. You never know exactly what you will asked to do, and that’s worrisome! I have so many holes in my skill sets – will the workout be something in those?


Excitement: As the workout was announced, it got pretty exciting. The gym was abuzz with people watching along with us, and I realized in minutes we would be embarking on our “test”.


Anxiety: Standing on one end of these Open workouts, knowing I’m about to begin is about one of the most nerve wracking things ever. Generally speaking, in daily workouts, I’m working out to work out. But when the Open comes, and a judge has eyes on you, the workout changes…


Perseverance. Simply said, when you are ready to be done and you’re only half way done with something, either you find a way to persevere, or you quit.


Accomplishment. Being able to push past your comfort zones and accomplish things you didn’t realize you could is a daily part of what makes CrossFit so amazing to me. This happens for every single person who puts their mind to it at the gym. Seeing people get their first muscle up or handstand push-up is amazing.


I hope that everyone at Aviator will get a chance to experience the thrill of Friday Night Lights this year!! And I hope you do something that you thought you never could. The open is a chance to bond with your Crossfit family and make things happen!!