Have you ever had a day when you’ve done so good in the wod and maybe even hit a new PR for the skill that you are on a high? How about that day when you reached that goal you’ve been working on so hard on like your first pull-up or handstand push-up? Maybe you’re like many others that are still working on getting to your goals…muscle-ups, mile run time, or double unders.


Let’s put aside fitness for a moment. Have you ever had a day when your boss thanks you for doing a great job on a project? Or felt amazing because you closed a big deal for your company? Or perhaps there was a day that was so good because you nailed the interview you really wanted. Ever have that happen?


What about the Aviator Moms and Dads? Have you accomplished teaching your child how to brush their teeth (properly) for the first time? Or how to say “please” and “thank you”? Or perhaps how to even ask to go “pee pee” when in the line at the bank (hey, no time like then, but they asked)? Did they learn those things by themselves? No, you taught it to them!


What if I told you that you could have more days like that?

What if I told you the secret to your success begins with your mindset?


How bad do you want to get to your goals? Think about that for a minute…let that marinate…how bad do you want it? Where is your mindset? Where is your belief in knowing that you CAN do it? I believe in 3 simple rules and they have worked for me in all my accomplishments so I’ll share with you because sharing is caring and you all know how much I care!


Step 1: You must manifest a BELIEF in accomplishment.

Step 2: Set up your plan and stick with it. CONSISTENCY…gets you results.

Step 3: Do NOT give up even when it seems impossible, come back to your manifestation.


There are so many goals that we all have that sometimes it’s hard to prioritize. I give you permission to have many goals at the top of your list. Heck I sure do! #talhasgoals is my hashtag after all…lol. No matter the goal/goals, lose weight, gain muscle, hit a PR, close a deal, get a raise, pass your finals, meet a companion or get that baby sleeping through the night, stick to the 3 steps above and the 80 / 20 rule!


The 80 / 20 Rule in a nutshell:

Health – 80% Healthy Diet / 20% consistency in your fitness regiment.

Raising Kids – 80% read books, listen to advice / 20% improvise in your own way.

Work Success – 80% by the book / 20% be creative and think outside the box.