For those that don’t know, in Jan. 2017 I was given some pretty devastating news from my doc! The news brooke my heart and scared me into a deep depression to hear him say that I was 3 months shy of being a Diabetic and within 10 years I would need regular dialysis!




This is a statement I don’t take lightly! It’s been work I tell you! I decided to say…”YES”… I said yes to a friend I didn’t believe would be able to help me but what the hell did I have to lose at this point. I invested my dollars and my TRUST in her and I said “YES”! I followed her guidance, advice and direction. I communicated daily and dove into a lifestyle I was sure would fail. I paid attention to the why/why nots. I read, I listened, I watched and finally things began to make sense!


I lost 45lbs just by changing my lifestyle around food and then I found CrossFit…CrossFit Aviator to be specific! A community that took me in as I was with no judgement. Instead everyday I came in I was taught to push myself, to get my squats even deeper, to actually RUN the 400m and not rest and walk on the backside of the building. Aviator members quickly became my friends and no my extended family. Coming to this box truly intensified my health journey. I was hooked!




The solution is quite simple really…YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…so why was I eating and drinking things that only depleted me? You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear it again…the Organic Superfoods that have flooded my body for 2.5years have undoubtedly SAVED MY LIFE FROM EXTINCTION and now coupled with Crossfit…I’m on fire people!


From then to now, I am so happy to report that I have lost 82 POUNDS!!! Yes that’s an 8 year old child that I was carrying on my body all day/night for years!!! 82 POUNDS PEOPLE…that cannot be denied! I KNOW I’M NOT DYING in 10 years! I am even healthier than I was in my 20s, I’m also a heck of a lot stronger too 💪🏼and can back/front squat and deadlift more than my current weight (I don’t share numbers…lol).


What’s my plan for the rest of 2019? I’m only 18lbs from my ultimate goal of -100lbs and I plan to get there! If you yourself want to join forces with me and do this TOGETHER and hold each other accountable with love and support then let’s talk…the sooner you step into the light the sooner you feel the light.


I will be serving FREE samples every Tuesday and Thursday 8-10am. You are all welcome to stop by and try some of my Superfoods…you won’t know until you try it. Let’s talk about how to combine good clean healthy organic superfoods with crossfit for the ultimate results!


See you at the box!