CONGRATULATIONS to our December Member of the Month, Kyle Bader. Kyle is a great example of someone who is consistent with his attendance, works hard each time, sets goals, crushes those goals and sets new goals and he’s a great addition to our community.

We asked Kyle some questions and here is what he had to share with you…


How long have you been doing crossfit?

Since July of 2019.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in crossfit?

I’d have to say it’s either getting the best time (scaled) for the 20.3 CrossFit Open at our box, or finally getting down muscle-ups haha!



Favorite movement and most hated movement?

Favorite movement: Pull Ups 

Least favorite: Wall Balls.


What motivates you to do Crossfit 5 days a week?

I simply love working out and how much it improves my life outside of the gym. And just as important, are the supportive, amazing people at CrossFit Aviator.

What are your goals inside and outside of the box?

Goals inside the box are to get down double-unders and handstand push-ups (I’m working on the HSPU after the wods now) consistently. 

Goals outside the box are to keep working hard at my current job, but also keep pursuing a full-time job as a graphic artist/designer. 


Tell everyone what you do when you are not at the box.

When I’m not at the box, I’m almost always creating. At work I build customized crates for fine art and at home I have my own studio for painting, graphic design, etc. I also love to play music whenever I can (bass and guitar) and hang with my black lab Harley.