We chose both Vanessa and Brandy because we see their commitment and consistency as Aviator Members and more importantly with each other. Even if they aren’t working out together, you know that they still encourage and push each other to be better than yesterday. They are the best cheerleader for each other and contribute each time to building our community and proving to others that hard word does pay off!
We asked Vanessa and Brandy about their experience with crossfit and more about them outside the box and here is what they had to share…
1) How long have I been doing CrossFit?

Brandy: I’ve always been into fitness- going to the gym, playing sports, doing yoga. I wanted to try something new. I first gave crossfit a try at the Aviator box about 6 years ago. My sister was the one who came across the box and encouraged me to give it a try. Recently we upped our membership to Silver Status and have been addicted ever since!
Vanessa: I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 6 years off and on, but fully committed for a little over a year. I actually started here at Crossfit Aviator and never left! I encouraged my sister to join shortly  after. It’s fun to have a familiar face in a new workout routine!
2) The biggest accomplishment in CrossFit and outside the box?
Brandy: Overall, my biggest accomplishment at crossfit has been becoming stronger and enhancing my techniques. Outside of the box would be graduating with my Chemistry degree and maintaining an ambitious/positive attitude towards life. Both accomplishments weren’t easy. With hard work and dedication, the outcome has been extremely rewarding.
Vanessa: My biggest accomplishment in crossfit has been my consistency this past year. Being consistent has allowed me to see the progression of my strength and how much I’ve come to love crossfit. The satisfaction of seeing the results is addicting! I  consider my marriage to be as much of an accomplishment as my other achievements. My husband has a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis which affects his lungs, pancreas, and other organs. When a chronic illness is added to your newlywed life, it brings a whole new perspective to what marriage truly is. It took years of working on myself, as well as him, to be where we are in our relationship today. Still, our marriage has been the biggest source of support for the rest of our accomplishments.
3) Favorite movement and most hated movement?
Brandy: Favorite: Goblet squat or dumbbell push press.  Hate: Bar facing burpees.
Vanessa: Favorite: bar facing burpees.  Hate: OVERHEAD SQUATS
4) What motivates you to come to Crossfit?

Brandy: My motivation is to not only relieve stress and stay healthy, but to feel great after a workout. Specifically for a weekend, I constantly mention how the ideal “perfect” Saturday or Sunday is starting off the day with a nice workout! I like to think that if my workout turned out to be great, then the rest of my day will follow suit.
Vanessa: What motivates me to come to Crossfit is never being satisfied. Of course I’m always proud of my progression and the goals I’ve crushed. I’d be the first to rejoice and be super giddy about it, but setting the bar higher is where my hunger stays. Plus, it’s a great stress reliever!
5) What are your goals inside and outside of the box this year!
Brandy: My goals inside the box are perfecting my kipping and making sure it stays clean, and getting better at overhead squats. I have many goals outside the box! My biggest priority right now are my studies for grad school.  My goal is to get into the masters program I’ve been yearning for since graduation. My other goals include: getting into science related research and development, participating in volunteer work, making more time for side projects, and traveling! I REALLY need a vacation, lol.
Vanessa: My goals for inside the box are doing at least one GOOD overhead squat- no matter how much I despise them, and at least one handstand push up.  My goals for outside the box are going back to grad school and continuing my travel adventures. I’ve made my way through 10 countries so far. 185 to go! Lol
6) Tell everyone what you do when you are not at the box.
Brandy: When I am not at the box, I’m either studying at a nice little coffee shop, wining and dining with friends at a casual restaurant, going for a relaxing sunset run at the beach, going to exhibits at museums, or simply just walking around and exploring little shops. I’m all about catching a good vibe 😀
Vanessa: I love to try new things, so when I am not at the box, I am exploring the many hidden gems LA has to offer; from hole-in-the-wall restaurants, dive bars, museums, art exhibits, or listening to new music. Live music is the best!
7) When are the sisters going to enter a competition together?
Brandy: I think the closest competition we would enter is the Crossfit Open at the box, which we are already currently participating in. Being sisters and having almost the same strength, many people assume that we like to compete against each other. We’ve never been that way; in fact, we motivate and keep each other going. If one of us is already done with a workout, we cheer for the other to finish strong! For the most part, we workout separately and at different times for the WOD. We laugh about how close we were in a time cap or AMRAP.
Vanessa: To be quite frank, I am too shy to compete. I think the closest thing to a “competition” I’ve participated in would be the CrossFit Aviator Open. Same for my sister. While we may be competitive in the sense that we always want to push ourselves to do well, I don’t think we’ve given it much thought to be in an official competition. However, we won’t disregard it just yet. It may be an option for us to do together as sisters later in the future 🙂 It’s kind of funny, though, how people assume we feed off of this sisterly rivalry. Strange, but we’ve never really encountered that. We are the type of sisters that cheer each other on in “yay’s” and “good job, sister!” 🙂